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     Jiangyin ELM Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. established in 2012, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in field of dry vacuum pump and vacuum pumping system, and it integrates the Research & Development, Product Design, Industrialization and Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing and Installation and Maintenance of vacuum facilities. Together with Jiangyin Tiantian Pressure Vessel Manfacturing Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Lvsong Machinery Co. Ltd., Wuxi Runjiutian Machinery Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Tang Eco-Park, it belongs to Jiangsu LVSONG Sci-Tech Group.

     Jiangyin ELM Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to the quality policy of "Technological Innovation and Quality First" and the entrepreneurship of “Scientific management and Customer First”. Our company’s product portfolio includes the DP/VDP-type oil-free dry screw vacuum pump and the ZJ(Q)-type tri-lobe Roots vacuum pump, and the RG-type tri-lobe Roots blowers, which are at the leading level in the domestic market.

     Jiangyin ELMVacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. collaborates with North East University in China and successfully developed the Dry screw vacuum pump with Equal Pitch and Variable Pitch, which have patented screw profile and efficient product structure. Dry Screw pump has no oil in the pump casing, no contact and no friction between the two screw rotors; it has stable and reliable pumping speed under very large working pressure range; the precise dynamic balance enables the smooth operation with low noise and low energy consumption. It is a new era product for environmental protection and energy conservation.

     Independently developed Tri-lobe Roots vacuum pumps, with the special patented structure, have obvious advantages over the traditional Roots pumps of two-lobe rotors in the key performance indicators such as the high pumping efficiency, stable operation, low temperature rise, vibration and noise. Meanwhile, a variety of anti-corrosion treatment and a variety of sealing type can be selected according to the different technological requirements; anti-corrosion coatings include nickel phosphorus alloy coating, Hastelloy alloy coating, composite ceramics coating and polymer PTFE coatings, etc; the sealing type include nitrogen seal、mechanical seal 、frame seal、and labyrinth seal etc.

     Elmvacuum pumps have advanced scientific product structure and reliable manufacturing technology. Elmvacuum company owns dozens of national patents and equips with advanced international high-precision five-axis lathe & milling machining center and modern constant temperature workshop for manufacture and assembly; the precision 3D coordinate measuring instrument and a complete set of materials performance testing equipments are used for quality control. Total Quality Management system and excellent after-sales service system ensure the distinguished high quality and performance of Elmvacuum products. Using ELMVacuum products enables the warranty of your ease, peace and reassurance of mind with more social and economic benefits.

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