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Warmly welcome Bade Chun from Northeastern University to visit our company.

Number of visits: Date:2019-05-18

    On May 7, 2019, Bade Chun, director of the Vacuum Metallurgy Professional Committee of the China Vacuum Society, came to visit and guide the company. Under the leadership of the general manager of the company, he visited the production and assembly department of the company and studied the vacuum industry. Development cooperation began negotiations. Finally, Jiangyin Elm Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation project with Northeastern University.


    Bade Chun: Professor and doctoral tutor at the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Northeastern University. In recent years, he has undertaken 15 national natural science funds, national research projects, doctoral funds and Chinese Academy of Sciences fund projects on the theory and application of modern vacuum, 20 horizontal cooperation projects and 1 international cooperation project.

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