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  • Name: JZJQ All gas-cooled Roots vacuum pumping system
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  • Time: 2016-03-16

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JZJQ-type tri-lobe gas-cooled roots vacuum pumping system is made up of 2 or more gas-cooled roots pump units, which can be automatically controled through a variety of instruments. Due to the limitations of pumping speed and structure, the dry screw vacuum pumps and the claw vacuum pumps are not suitable for many application requirements, thus the tri-lobe gas-cooled roots pumps can construct a oil-free pumping system with large pumping rate and high vacuum, which are widely used in the aerospace, electric power, iron and steel processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. At present, our company has mass produced the ZJQ10000 and ZJQ20000 gas-cooled Roots pumps with pump rate of 10000L/S and 20000L/S.


Main charateristics

●JZJQ-vacuum pumping system has the characters of high rotation speed, small size, oil-free, and large pumping speed;

●Equipped with appropriate electrical and heat exchangers, JZJQ vacuum pumping system can start under any atmospheric pressure and any pressure differential, and its pumping rate can be controled by using the variable frequency control mechanism.

●JZJQ-vacuum pumping system has other characters such as the short pumping time and the large pumping speed at rough vacuum.


Flow Chart of Gas-cooled pumping system


Performance curve

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