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  • Name: ADP-70 type Screw Vacuum Pump
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  • Time: 2018-10-10

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Dry screw vacuum pump is composed of a pair of screw rotors meshing in the opposite and synchronous way in the pump casing to form the suction and discharge operation. The structure of the pump is shown in the following view. The screw rotors utilizes a proprietary profile, which are driven by a pair of bevel gears that rotate clockwise (view from the motor fan end).The pumped gas is compressed into the discharged port by the rotation of the screws. A specific amount of clearance for each pump size is maintained between the two screws and housing  to avoid any metal to metal contact and make the compression process more efficient.The sealing mechanism of the two sides of the pump ensures that the lubricants can not enters into the pump casing. The sealing mechanism on both sides of the pump ensures that the oil in the gearbox can not enter the suction chamber of pump. Pump and motor are all horizontal structure. The pump connects to the motor through the coupling. The motors of ADP70 are installed on the front cover end through end face flange. The motors of ADP1100 and above models are used in the form of foot and end cover, with the pump installed in the same chassis. In order to reduce noise, the air vent is equipped with muffler.


Product structure

Screw rotor: The material of screw rotor is high-performance ductile iron. The screw rotors, after strict heat treatment and the high-precision CNC machine tools machining, meet the high-precision screw-type line requirement. The accuracy machining of rotor is the key to ensure the performance. Screw rotor must pass high-precision dynamic balance test. The surface of rotor can covered with anti-corrosive coatings according to the special requirements.

Timing gear: The timing gear is an important part of the screw vacuum pump. In addition to providing sufficient torque to the driven screw, the timing gear ensures that the two reverse rotation of the mating surface of the screw always maintain a certain gap without contact. The tooth surface is heat cured, and polished with a special high precision tooth-polishing machine for reducing noise, lower temperature rise and smooth operation during the pump operation.

●Bearing:The bearings on the fixed side of the VDP pump (discharge end) are angular contact ball bearings and on the expansion side (inlet end) are roller bearings of heavy load capacity. These bearings have been selected to withstand high speed and heavy load service and to assure the accurate clearances between gears and between screws.

Shaft seal: Screw pump internal shaft seal is a two-way lip seal or mechanical seal, which can effectively prevent the two-way flow of media to keep the media not contaminated. The seal of driver shaft is oil seal or mechanical seal.

Oil level gauge:The normal height of the gearbox oil level is 1/2 of the height of the oil-level glass. If the oil level is too low, gear, bearings and mechanical seals will be damaged as a result of improper lubrication. The lowest oil level should not lower than 1/4 height of oil level glass. Before starting the pump, check the oil level and oil contamination, and then refill or change the oil when needed. The oil is splashed by rotation of the timing gears and lubricates the bearings and mechanical seals.



Specifications UNIT ADP70
Displacement m3/Hr 70
Ultimate pressure Pa 5
Motor power KW 3
Rotating speed RPM 2900
Suction flange mm DN40
Discharge flange mm DN30
Noise level dB ≤73
Dimension cm 75*45*55
Weight Kg 220


Cooling and purging system

●Cooling Purge:Cooling Purge is to cool the inside of the casing and the screws. During the operation of the pump, the process gas introduced into the casing through the suction nozzle is compressed by the rotation of the screws and transferred to the discharge side. Temperature of the process gas gets increased by the heat of compression and this heat energy should be removed in order to prevent the pump from seizure.ADP70 can be equipped with cooling purge system to reduce the risk of rotors seizure.

Normally this purge is done by atmospheric air. Where the process gas is not compatible with the atmospheric air, a different cooling medium should be used, such as, Nitrogen, CDA (Clean Dry Air) etc.Add a cooling purge system to the screw pump inlet as shown below.

Seal Purge: The primary purpose is to provide a gas barrier at the drive and non-drive end seals to prevent bi-directional flow of pumping medium and lubricant. The bi-directional flow of pumping medium and lubricant can result in the leakage and reduce pumping performance.The sealed purge line of the drive end and the non-drive end use the same purge line. The seal purge pressure shall not exceed 0.5 Bar. Under normal conditions, the non-drive end use vacuum grease to lubricate and does not require a seal purge.

Start or stop purge: Start/Stop (Cleaning) Purge is to remove residual process gas or any incompatible substances such as moisture, atmospheric air etc. from the inside of the pump prior to or after the pump operations. Start/Stop (Cleaning) Purge should be done with gas which is compatible with the process gas or inert gas such as Nitrogen or Argon.

●Steam cleaning:The ADP screw pump should be operated for 10 to 20 minutes upon completion of process batch cycle with the process isolation valve closed where theres no Start/Stop (Cleaning) Purge system and sequence in place. This duration of dry operation without process load is to remove any residual process gas or condensed process vapors from the inside of the pump that may have accumulated during the process operation. These residual process materials could be a source of pump motor overload when the pump is re- started. If this residual process material has not been removed by the dry operation after the process operation and the pump is re-started the residual process material inside of the pump could cause a pump seizure by excessive frictional load to the motor or damage the screws and/or the casing.

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